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Vandalism on Motupohue

The Trustees, co-ordinators and volunteers are very disappointed that someone has vandalised several of our trap lines. We have a number of damaged and missing possum and rat traps.

This must have happened on Sunday the 8th between 10 am and 3pm around the Topuni, Glory and Millennium track.

Our volunteers work so hard and take great pride in what they are doing, which is to provide the hope that future generations will be able to hear and see our unique bird life on our beautiful hill, so it is such a kick in the guts for them to have their vision jeopardise by these actions.

If anyone was on the hill yesterday and saw anything please email us at or pop into the Service Centre in Bluff and have a chat with Debbie.

Also if you are on our Hill in the future and see anyone tampering with our traps please contact us as above. All our volunteers wear a green vest when they are doing their lines.