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Thank you Oyster Cove!

Oyster Cove - Thanks Ross and Lynda

Oyster Cove - Thanks Ross and Lynda

A huge thank you to Ross and Lynda at Oyster Cove who have made a generous donation to the Trust in response to the monetary loss we will suffer due to the senseless vandalism we suffered this week.

We have also been offered and accepted other items that should make it possible to identify any future eco terrorists. We are humbled at the messages of support we have received from the community.

The trustees are so proud of our wonderful group of volunteers, who have been on the hill for hours searching and retrieving traps. This has actually made us stronger and more determined in our fight against pests both animal and human.

Please keep an eye on our traps on the hill, it is your hill as well and knowing that our community is just as invested as us in protecting the hill and it’s birds means the future is looking good.